Who am I ?

I’m working on this website, thinking lots about how it might hopefully help someone, thinking about how I can get people to look at it.  Then it suddenly struck me, my face is all over it, it’s on every page, do I want people to know who I am ?  I’m really not sure I do, fine if nobody I know looks at it then it won’t matter, but what if someone I work with, or a friend looks at the site ?

How would I deal with that ?  Sure, most people know I’ve struggled with my mental health, they know I had a breakdown last year, but they don’t know about my drug problem.  I guess at the moment it’s not much of an issue, I imagine the only people who will look at this will be the guys from Twitter, people who don’t live just around the corner.  Twitter has been an anonymous place for me, not somewhere I hook up with friends, it’s not Facebook.

I want people to look at my site, I want to get it out there for people to read, but I need to balance that with my own comfort level and anxiety.  Something to ponder I think.

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