I wanted to write a message to those of you who might be using drugs, maybe you’ve just got started, parties, chem-sex, a way to relax ?  I don’t want to preach and I most certainly don’t want to judge, but please read what I have to say……..

When I started injecting mephedrone (Mcat) and methamphetamine (cystal meth), someone spoke to me and warned me not to go further down that path, he warned me it was a path to addiction.   Now around four years later I’m setting up a website called “The Path To Addiction”, I guess it’s fairly obvious I ignored his warning.

With time I’m going to write more in this section about the different stages I went through, I’m hoping it might strike a chord with someone and help them think twice about their own actions.  For now though I will say this, drugs can take over your life.   What seems fun at first soon turns into a nightmare, endless partying will take it’s toll on both your mind and your body.   The act of injecting can seem sexy, exciting, and adventurous, but it will turn into a ritual, one that will screw up your life, it will bring on paranoia you can’t even imagine, your physical health will get worse over time, your life will begin to fall apart without you even realising it.

Your dealer is not your friend, neither is the person who first injects you, or teaches you to do it yourself.  These people want you to become like them or they just want to make money from you, they will get you on the end of a hook and reel you in.  The person who gives you your first hit probably doesn’t even realise the consequences of their actions, they are probably already on the same downward spiral they are setting you on.

I spent months with bruises all over my arms, by the time I’d learnt to do it well, I’d fucked most of the good veins.  Drugs also put me in hospital twice with severe double pneumonia, on oxygen to help me breath, morphine to deal with the pain in my chest, a catheter in my dick because my kidneys were failing.  Yet within weeks I was back on the meth, it’s hold was so strong that even being chronically ill didn’t stop me.  Judge me for being weak if you like, maybe I was and maybe I am, but are you so sure you are strong enough to resist that rush, how much harm can just one more do ?