Tomorrow has turned into today

Yesterday I wrote a post that really said nothing at all, said that I’d write again tomorrow, well tomorrow turned into today, so here I am.

So Covid-19 is fucking with the world, fucking with me, fucking with everyone.  I’ve lost my job because of the virus, I’m screwed without my job.  I’ve never been very good with money, my mental health has never been good with my money, my drug problems were definitely never good with money.  Debt, I have a lot of it, I need income to pay off those debts, an income which I now don’t have.

I don’t know how much I spent on drugs, how many grams of meth I smoked or pumped into my arms and it doesn’t matter, not now; what matters now is being able to pay the rent, being able to service my debts.

I don’t know how I’m going to get another job, anything that pays anything close to what I earned is way out of my league, plus it’s not something I want, I need a change.  You know what?, I want to work somewhere like a garden centre, my work has been a problem for my state of mind for far too long now, I need to do something different.

That’s enough for now, I shall write again soon.  Stay strong everyone. xxx

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