Still here

It doesn’t matter how much you try to stay positive, how much you want to be upbeat and happy, it’s just not always possible.  I’ve struggled with leaving the house for ages now, I hate to leave the sanctuary of our home.  Then came the lockdown, no work, only leaving the house for food shopping for us and for my parents who are shielding, sounds perfect.Now I’ve lost my job, the virus was the perfect opportunity for my boss to get rid of me, my face no longer fitted in with his view of what his world should be.  I’ve worked with him for 32 years, since I left school at sixteen – what the fuck do I do now ?  The world is an even scarier place now, positively fucking terrifying, can I just run away please, I have a sense of despair that I remember from the height of my problems.  I want to switch the world off.

We have a government who are not in control, lies and manipulation of the truth seem to be the order of the day.  From the beginning the whole thing has been run by catchphrase, the same as the election last year.   The presentation of data is switched and changed to try and present a certain narrative, the numbers are used to support the narrative rather than the narrative being a result of the numbers.

We have a prime minister who has disappeared, why is he not on our screens every day during this crisis ?  Yes he’s been ill, maybe it’s taking him time to recover, nobody would deny him that, but do we know this is the case ?   There is explanation forthcoming, all we’ve been told is that he has committed to doing one press conference a week !  Sounds to me like he doesn’t want to have to answer the difficult questions himself, or maybe he just isn’t capable of doing so.

Today we’re told that Boris Johnson is going to be taking the reins and personally taking charge of the crisis, well who the hell was doing it yesterday ?  

There is so much more I could be writing, but I need to try and stop letting all this get to me.  I have enough to deal with from losing my job, I can’t cope with the weight of the crisis and cockup on my shoulders as well.



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