Saturday blues ?

So I’m back at The Edge Cafe, sat waiting for my mocha and ham and cheese toastie. Nothing much to say really, not quite sure how I’m feeling. I woke up really positive then my mood crashed down real quick, now I’m just sort of not feeling much of anything.

Well my coffee arrived, with whipped cream on top, how naughty am I.

Had my debit card cancelled this week, apparently somebody tried to use it in New York, definitely wasn’t me so they cancelled it. New one arrived in the post this morning so I guess that’s okay. Strange how little things that others take in their stride, stress me out completely. So that’s my Facebook account hacked recently, and now my debit card, call it paranoia, but what’s next ?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly care about Facebook, I rarely use it these days, but how the fuck did they get my password?, how the fuck did someone get my debit card number ? Why can’t people just earn money like the rest of us, why do they have to try and steal it from others? Why does anyone feel the need to steal anything.

On other matters…….still have no social life, but then do I want one ? Do I want anyone complicating my life? I imagine it’s lovely to go out and see people, do stuff, but I’m not sure I’m capable yet. Takes me everything I have just to visit family, to leave the house.

But hey, spring is coming, not that you’d believe it with the weather we’ve been having. There are buds on the bushes in the garden, the hedge has little sprouts of green, the daffodils are nearly finished their lovely yellow display. Very soon I shall be mowing the grass every weekend, strangely a job I quite enjoy doing.

Just realised I’ve been sat here without my headphones on, it’s okay I’ve rectified the situation, P!nk blasting in my ears now, oh my poor hearing.

Toastie eaten, coffee drunk, time to head home. Stay safe everyone, remember you don’t need to use, to pick up, to get plastered or wasted. You can live life without whatever your chosen poison is, and that’s just what it is, poison, don’t let it tell you anything else.

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