My memory is shot, I forget things all the time. Things I’m supposed to do, people I’m going to call, all sorts of things. I think years of drug use on top of a cocktail of prescription drugs, antidepressants and sleeping tablets, have made my brain fuzzy.

For two weeks now I’ve been meaning to phone the local garage to get my car booked in, and every single day I forget to do it. I’ve had text message chats that I’ve suddenly stopped because I forget to reply to the last message. I think I piss people off because of it, but I just don’t know how to make it right.

I’m always so easily distracted from things that are important and I wish I wasn’t. I try and do things, simple things, and I get frustrated, I can’t make decisions, even silly little stuff is like a huge fucking mountain to climb. Do I need to go back to my GP about this ? I just don’t know, I go to the doctor and I don’t explain myself well, I don’t explain myself well to anyone.

I feel like I’m shut in a box with no way out, my life is like one of my nightmares where I’m trapped and can’t get out.

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  1. I’m intrigued by your site – I just started following you on twitter and realized I had been following your blog already . Do you feel your memory is better on some days? Just curious – I am in recovery for alcoholism and feel a lot of memories from long ago are coming back but there is still so much I have forgotten….

    1. Thanks for the message and thanks for reading and following. My memory is up and down, I think some of it is due to my drug abuse, and some is down to the medications I take, it’s very frustrating. I’m going to have a look at your site now 🙂

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