Today is Thursday so that means it’s group day. Going to the support group is so important to me as I get so much from it. Today I was given inspiration to write more on here again, I’ve let it slide for a while.

We were talking about blogging and I found myself talking about my blog and sharing the address for this site. Why should this be unusual?, because rarely do I talk about it to anyone. I don’t tell people I know about my blog because the stuff on here I wouldn’t want them to know. However, there’s nothing on here I wouldn’t want the guys at the group to know.

I was reminded of the benefits of blogging, how good it can be to put thoughts down in words, to just let the words flow from my fingers. I found out someone at the group has read bits of my blog, even said they were inspired by it to do their own, I’m humbled by that fact, I don’t expect to inspire anyone, why would I?, I’m just a guy who’s had / has a problem with drugs, I’ve been a “junkie” not exactly inspirational !

The power of words can be so strong, cathartic, they can inspire us, make us feel less alone, help us identify our character traits in others, both good and bad. For instance, a blog I’m reading by a lovely lady addresses shopping, buying stuff to make yourself feel better. This is something I’ve done for years, just look at my credit card bills if you need proof. Does the phrase “if you only pay off the minimum amount” mean anything to you? It sure does to me ?. I’m currently fighting the urge to buy a new TV, a bigger tv would be so nice, having UHD would be fab and I’m sure B would love it, well no actually he wouldn’t care much at all, probably say it’s too big. But I know when I get like this it does become an obsession.

The person writing the blog wants to have a Year of Buying Nothing except essentials – food and toiletries, fuck I couldn’t ever do that, that must take real strength and commitment. I don’t think shopping is an addiction for me, but I do know it is for some. For me it is a desire for something that turns into an obsession, I wouldn’t say I’m impulsive about it, I obsess about it for ages, can I afford it, can I get it on credit, will it squeeze on a card.

Maybe I should set myself a little task of my own, to write a blog entry every day. It could possibly help me keep on a level, I already know the good it does me to write, so maybe a challenge to do it every day in 2019 would be for me. Any thoughts appreciated ?

From reading her blog I’ve found something she does that I really like, she puts a note at the bottom of each entry saying what she’s listening to at the time, I hope she doesn’t mind me nicking that idea. So…..

Listening….From Now On from The Greatest Showman…..I’ve found something in the lyrics the rings true for me……

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