If music be the food of love

Well is it ? I have no fucking idea, but I do know it can be good for the heart, mind and soul.

Today I braved town, armed with my headphones as normal to shut the rest of the world out of mine. I actually had quite a pleasant shopping experience, these days that’s a rare thing. Anyway, I bought some new headphones, nice cordless ones, spent way more than I should have but I figure I deserve a treat as I’ve worked really hard this month doing my two jobs, besides it was only slightly more than the cost of a gram of something I used to enjoy.

Wow, wow, wow and wow. Those headphones you get free with an iPhone really are crap aren’t they, these new ones are fab. The sound is so much fuller, much better quality, more immersive. Now I may sound like an advert for PowerBeats headphones but that’s not what I mean. Music can surround you, it can envelope you in calm, it’s can raise you up, yeah it can bring you down, either way if it sounds good it can really affect you.

I’m laying on the sofa, I’m listening to Madonna live, it’s loud, it’s rich, the base thumps through my head, the notes swim between my ears…..hold on I need to turn it up……….my feet are tapping, I’m silently mouthing the words, my heads moving, my arms are in the air, I can’t stop.

How can music do this?, how can it change your mood in an instant ? I’ve tried mindfulness, mindful thinking, mindful eating, none of that worked, yes running and painting help, but add music and the world opens up and blossoms.

So today I spent £150 on a pair of headphones, do I feel buyers remorse?, fuck no, every penny it turns out was worth it.

Choose your music well, listen, sing, dance, enjoy, let it lift you. Just don’t blame me if you damage your hearing because it’s too loud……fuck it just do it !



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  1. Love it you found a buzz a real buzz from music I know the feeling I get the same wen I on my own or with my lad. Music can give you a lift may this kind off buzz continue for you. Loving to new upbeat you xxx

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