Guest writers

Been playing with an idea over the past few days. I’d really like to start a page on here for guest writers. I could take contributions from anyone who has had addiction issues.

I don’t think I’d set any boundaries for what’s written, people could do a piece of writing about anything they like. They could write as a way of getting negative thoughts out in the open, or reflect on their achievements, maybe offer pearls of wisdom. It would probably be nice for people to read something not written by me, provide a different view point.

Of course the writers could be anonymous if they want, there’s no reason why not.

I guess I just have lots of ideas for this site, some might be good, some might be rubbish. I don’t want to be desperate for followers and likes and all that shit that “professional” bloggers are into, that’s not what this is about.

I do know if I try then I may just achieve something, if I don’t try, then I achieve nothing.

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