Ralph (our dog) has a terrible fear of fireworks. We use the TV to mask the sound, and distraction to keep him from noticing them, sometimes it works but sometimes not.

As I write this I’m laying in bed, Ralph isn’t on the bed beside me, nor is he in the living room with B. Normally by now he’d be lying under the duvet, pressed tight against me – no lectures about dogs in beds please, without him I wouldn’t be here – but tonight he’s on the floor beside the bed, just staring out the door, staring at nothing.

We’ve done really well this bonfire night season, living in a small village we don’t get an awful lot of fireworks, and those there have been passed by pretty much unnoticed. But then there we just a few bangs and now there he is, he doesn’t even know what he’s afraid of….but then neither do I.

Is my sense of impending catastrophe irrational?, well I guess it may be, but no more so than Ralph’s fear of those loud noises, and lets be honest, fireworks are actually bloody dangerous things.

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