Feeling good

I’ve been listening to the sound track to The Greatest Showman, and I’ve just watched it again. Only the second time I’ve watched it after discovering it a couple of days ago. I love the film and especially the music, I’ve written about it before, but I’ll say it again, music can have such a huge impact on my mood.

My choice of listening can lift me up from the darkest depths, or it can plunge me down to the same despair. I’m no music buff, my tastes are fairy varied but in no way highbrow, music snobbery is up there with wine snobbery for me, if you like it, well then you like it. It doesn’t have to be Chopin or The Beatles, I’m afraid I’m quite happy with Bucks Fizz and Abba.

If only I had a button on my phone that stops me from selecting the songs that bring me down, I guess sometimes I need those songs, I don’t know why, they just have their place.

Today I’m singing and dancing with my headphones on, tomorrow may be different, but today music brings me joy.

And yes I’m listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack now 🙂

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