I want to write about “chems”, and first of all I’ll say they aren’t “chems” as they are commonly known, they are drugs, pure and simple. Calling them “chems” disconnects them from the truth of what they are, and what people are really taking. Most importantly, calling them that allows those using them to think of them as something more innocent, less harmful.

Then of course there’s “slamming”, the new word for shooting up, because that’s what it is, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s still injecting drugs.

There’s a whole gay scene out there into drugs, and I imagine a straight one to an extent as well. That’s where “chem sex” comes in, having sex on drugs.

In coming posts I shall talk about these things, I shall describe a world that I don’t want anyone to get in to, at least not if I can help stop them. My words will most likely shock the reader, I hope so, because that’s my intention. My stories aren’t of amazing highs, of happiness, not even amazing sex, they’re stories of empty, worthless hours and days spent wasting my life, wasted days using drugs to try and make my thoughts go away, to make me feel I was worth something. Drugs were never the answer, they just made things even worse.

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