Who am I ?

I’m working on this website, thinking lots about how it might hopefully help someone, thinking about how I can get people to look at it.  Then it suddenly struck me, my face is all over it, it’s on every page, do I want people to know who I am ?  I’m really not sure I do, fine if nobody I know looks at it then it won’t matter, but what if someone I work with, or a friend looks at the site ?

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Am trying to work out how to add a link for people to follow my blog on my new website. Also can work out if people who were following me have moved over to this address or not…..

All very frustrating but I guess I’ll get there

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One year on

As this week comes to an end, I remember it was this time last year that I stopped using drugs. Things have happened these past two weeks which have made me think, things in my life and the lives of people I care about, things that have helped me put my own current situation into perspective. Continue reading “One year on”

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The syringe

This week I’m off work, so I’m having to deal with the demons in my head telling me I could use the time alone to get high, get wasted with someone and have some amazing sex. My sensible head is managing to keep my stupid head in check so far, but this afternoon came a wobble. Continue reading “The syringe”

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A week off

I’m having a week off work, from my main job anyway. B isn’t, it’s just me and the dog staying home for a week. This is the first real time off I’ve had since Christmas, and spookily it’s almost exactly a year since I last had a random week off like this, and that was the week I stuck a needle in my arm for the last time. I hadn’t planned it that way a few weeks back when I booked it off work, it just happened. Continue reading “A week off”

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