It’s Saturday and I’m laying in bed typing this whilst watching TV.  So what do I want to say ?, I’m not quite sure to be honest, my mind is still a mess.

I don’t write often enough anymore, the year has been so busy and flown past so quickly.  Spring arrived so many months ago, new life exploded everywhere, it seemed like the whole world turned green, and my mood lifted more by the day.  But just as gravity pulls the rotting fruit from the tree, my mood can’t stay lifted for long. I may have married in June, quite definitely the happiest and most amazing day of my life, but good memories only carry you so far.

Autumn is settling in now, the lawns are strewn with leaves, the birds will soon be back in the garden where the food is plentiful.  The Christmas goods are in the shops and the darkness is closing in………

And then I sit down to finish what I’m writing and it’s Sunday evening, the worst time of the week, only hours before work again for the week.  I used to hate weekends, but now I hate the week days, I hate work.   Anxiety tells me all sorts of things, I hope none of them is true.


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