A week off

I’m having a week off work, from my main job anyway. B isn’t, it’s just me and the dog staying home for a week. This is the first real time off I’ve had since Christmas, and spookily it’s almost exactly a year since I last had a random week off like this, and that was the week I stuck a needle in my arm for the last time. I hadn’t planned it that way a few weeks back when I booked it off work, it just happened. Continue reading “A week off”

The 80s

I’m sat here watching old Top Of The Pops shows from the 80s, 1985 to be precise. Maria Vidal, Midge Ure, Madonna, songs from my childhood that I still love. I could live my entire life on a diet of 80s music.

Music has always invoked very strong memories and emotions for me, some good and some bad. It’s strange though how sometimes my memories can be distorted, music will awaken feelings inside me, memories that simply aren’t true. Continue reading “The 80s”

Gay men’s weekend

I’m spending the weekend at a gay men’s retreat, a personal growth weekend. I’ve opened up a little about my problems and have had some great support.

I’ve written a bit on my other blog, and on twitter, about my weekend, but I wanted to write on here about how it’s made me feel with regard to my addiction issues. It’s driven home something for me, made me realise that addiction doesn’t just end because you’ve not used for a few months. Continue reading “Gay men’s weekend”