Still here

It doesn’t matter how much you try to stay positive, how much you want to be upbeat and happy, it’s just not always possible.  I’ve struggled with leaving the house for ages now, I hate to leave the sanctuary of our home.  Then came the lockdown, no work, only leaving the house for food shopping for us and for my parents who are shielding, sounds perfect. Continue reading “Still here”

Can’t sleep

I can’t sleep, normally a cocktail of antidepressants and sleeping tablets knock me out by 9pm at the latest but it’s getting late and I’m wide awake. Now that may seem like an awfully early time to be asleep, but as somebody once told me “sleep is like death, but without the responsibility”.

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Probably time…..

Is it really March that I last posted here? That’s not good, I really wanted to build this site into something that could help others. So today’s post is just to dip my toe back into the blog, if I get time to write in more depth tomorrow then I shall.

I’ve been contacted by an organisation asking me to add their “Alcohol Demotivator” to my “Usefull Contacts” page. If you are affected by alcohol, to any degree, then maybe give it a go ?, you’ve got nothing to lose. Maybe I should ask them to promote my site, I am now promoting theirs, so why not ?

Anyway, enough for now………

Saturday blues ?

So I’m back at The Edge Cafe, sat waiting for my mocha and ham and cheese toastie. Nothing much to say really, not quite sure how I’m feeling. I woke up really positive then my mood crashed down real quick, now I’m just sort of not feeling much of anything. Continue reading “Saturday blues ?”