About my blog

I got into blogging some time back, I started off with one about my mental health, I didn’t mention my addiction problems at all, there were people reading my blog that I didn’t want to know about that part of my life.  I found writing my blog to be very cathartic (I love that word) and so decided to set up another one about drugs.

I found it really helpful to write about my addiction issues and have been thinking about taking it another step forward, so my WordPress blog turned into a website with my own domain name, and here we are.  I’ve managed to import all my previous blog entries so this will be a complete record from the beginning of The Path To Addiction.

My words may seem disorganised and rambling, I write what comes into my head, I purposely write that way, and rarely do I go back and correct things. I do this because I want my writing to be honest, frank and from my heart, I’m not interested in a polished piece of work, that’s not what this blog is about.  So I’m afraid you will have to forgive the bad grammar and spelling mistakes, they are all part of my journey.