A helpful tip

I wanted to share a helpful tip with everyone about what not to do when someone has had a drug problem.

If someone opens them self up and explains a little about their drug issues, be careful what you say to them as it can be very easy to trigger things in that person in a way that isn’t welcome.

I say this because it’s something I’ve had to deal with recently. I had been open about my issues surrounding drugs, what substances I had used and also how. The person involved was also aware that I had carried a syringe with me for weeks, this syringe contained a very large amount of ketamine, and I intended to inject it into a vein at some point. Injecting ketamine intravenously can be deadly, and that was my intention.

So whilst this person was in possession of these facts, they decided to ask me to get drugs on their behalf, specifically ketamine. Please, think carefully before you say things like that to someone like me, the consequences could be terrible.

3 Replies to “A helpful tip”

  1. This makes me so angry. I’m so sorry to hear that someone was so insensitive and inconsiderate. 🙁 They probably just weren’t thinking properly…? But even so. I wish everyone could just care about each other a little more.

  2. Absolutely insane! Clearly this individual ONLY cared about his needs and not you in any capacity. I’m sorry. I read your stories and posts and find you remarkably strong in the middle of what’s obviously painful. PLEASE stay with us and keep writing? I have no doubt one day you’ll be an important public voice for others. The world needs you ??❤️

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