Tonight I try again, tonight I try and take a step further in my journey. I’m going into town to an addiction recovery support group, hopefully I won’t have the same problem as last week because I’ve arranged to meet someone beforehand.

I’m nervous now, wondering if I really need to go, or am I just making a bit of a fuss. Either way I’m determined that this time I will succeed.

I’ll write again after I’ve been, either tonight or tomorrow morning. I think it’s important that I write down how it made me feel.

Another step

I had my weekly counselling session on Monday, was a really good one. Helen helped me realise how I’ve changed over past weeks, I’m finally holding my head up more and trying to work out why things have been the way they have. I’ve gone from blubbing about it all, to actually thinking about why. Continue reading “Another step”

20 miles

I’m 20 miles from your house, 20 miles from where you now live, and not very many more from where you lived when you first stuck a needle in my arm. I’ve not been any where near you for the past five months, not since you cut me off with a swipe of a finger on your phone. Continue reading “20 miles”

Head zaps

Just read a post on twitter that used the term “head zaps”, I’ve never heard it before, but I’ve felt them.

It was withdrawal from meth, whenever I didn’t use, I’d get jolts in my head, like electric shocks. Sometimes I’d get them as I was falling asleep, those scared the hell out of me and I’d be snapped awake in a second and be so confused. Continue reading “Head zaps”