I made a post on twitter yesterday about how long it’s been since I touched any drugs, just over four months. The reaction I’ve had has been amazing, so many likes and wonderful comments. My drug use isn’t something I talk about to anyone, so being open about it on here and on Twitter was a big step, but one I’m glad I took. Continue reading “Overwhelmed”

Which ones?

Well I’ve done most of them, not touched heroin or crack, I got myself in deep enough without those.

So I’ve snorted mcat, ketamine, and coke. I’ve smoked meth, and injected it too, as well as mcat. Ive drunk G as well. I’ve smoked a lot of joints years ago, as well as doing acid and stuff but this blog isn’t about that period of my life. Continue reading “Which ones?”


I want to write about “chems”, and first of all I’ll say they aren’t “chems” as they are commonly known, they are drugs, pure and simple. Calling them “chems” disconnects them from the truth of what they are, and what people are really taking. Most importantly, calling them that allows those using them to think of them as something more innocent, less harmful. Continue reading ““Chems””

My first post

This will be my new blog about my substance abuse, my journey through use and reliance on substances.

I’m not going to beat about the bush, it will be warts and all. There will be blood, sweat, semen, vomit, stuff I’m ashamed of. But if I can help just one single person to choose a path different than the one I found myself on, then it will all be worth it. If one person reads this and decides “chem sex” really isn’t as great as it’s painted to be, well then maybe my fuck up of a life will have had some meaning after all.